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21st CLI at the Glen View High School Campus
939 E. 10th Street
Beaumont, CA 92223
Phone: (951) 769-8424
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21st CLI Staff

Vision, Mission, and Student Learner Outcomes

Vision: Provide quality distance learning opportunities for students and families in Beaumont USD and beyond.



  • Provide rigorous and relevant curriculum for students in a distance learning format including home school and online coursework.
  • Provide an alternative to the traditional classroom in which students can prepare for college and career.
  • Provide maximum flexibility in education as well as hold high standards of student achievement.
  • Provide this opportunity to all students within or from outside of the Beaumont Unified School District.

Student Learner Outcomes:

Academic: Students will graduate with appropriate knowledge and preparation for college and/or career.

Employability: Students will develop employable skills including but not limited to working independently as well as collaboratively, setting and accomplishing goals, meeting deadlines, critically thinking, problem solving, and communicating.

Communication: Students will communicate effectively through writing and speaking both in person and through electronic means utilizing academically appropriate language.

Social Skills: Students will demonstrate respect for cultural differences in a diverse community. They will make responsible decisions in a variety of settings

21st Century Learning Institute

21st CLI Parent and Student Feedback Surveys 2018

21st CLI Logo



Dear 21st CLI Families:


We are looking for feedback with regards to our current program and are seeking feedback into what is working well and what might we need to improve upon to better serve the needs of our students. If you would please take a moment from your busy day to fill out the following parent survey and students, the student feedback survey, we will be very grateful. Your voices are absolutely vital in the progress of our online school and essential in decisions made for our school. Please click on the following link to access these surveys:


Parent Feedback Survey


Student Feedback Survey



Thank you,

Bobbi Burnett Ed.D.

Principal 21st Century Learning Institute




21st Century Learning Institute At a Glance School Profile 2017-18

21st CLI At a Glance School Profile 2017-18

Opening:The 21st Century Learning Institute (CLI) was opened on August 13, 2014 with the intent to serve the community at large meeting the needs of students and families that prefer or need an alternative setting for high school, middle school and elementary school while teaching California State Standards and maintaining  high expectations for college and career readiness in the 21st century.  The 21st CLI is located on the alternative education campus.


Purpose:The purpose of 21st CLI is to provide additional learning opportunities for families in BUSD and its surrounding areas; it was developed to meet the needs of the 21st Century Learners and the growing community that it serves. This school replaces a traditional independent study program and has increased the rigor of instruction delivered through a distance-learning program for students who need a more flexible learning environment. The school currently serves approximately 100 students in grades k-12.

Independent Studies Master Agreement: A Master Agreement is signed that stipulates Independent Study Expectations at the first parent/student/teacher meeting. Contracts that are violated are subject to students receiving strikes. After three strike letters and a meeting with the principal occurs, students are subject to be returned back to their comprehensive school site. Strikes can occur due to missed meetings and lack of attendance/work completed.


Curriculum: All students will be scheduled to take an intake diagnostic exam in ELA and Math upon transferring into 21st CLI
21st CLI utilizes the following curriculum:

  • Grades K-5:District adopted curriculum + Compass Learning -  (Pathblazer - Grade Level curriculum + supplemental support ELA and Math)

  • Grades 6-8: Edgenuity (My Path - Remediation supplemental support 6-8)

  • Grades 9-12: Edgenuity (My Path - Remediation supplemental support 9-12)

Edgenuity:Our Edgenuity online program is monitored by the teachers under an independent study model where students and parents meet weekly/bi-weekly with the teacher to review progress in courses. The courses in Edgenuity have been approved through the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) A-G program and can offer a strong college preparation to students. Students, parents, and teachers are able to access the information and curriculum in Edgenuity which allows parents 24 hour, 7 days a week access to their students current grades and time logged in.  It is the goal of BUSD to provide students with opportunities that include access to curriculum through technology. Students are provided with the electronic devices necessary for accessing the program.

Attendance/Passing Rate Requirements



Students who are above a 70% passing rate on average in classes and have 95% attendance (minimum 4 hours per week on Edgenuity and attend weekly meetings on time routinely) qualify for the 21st CLI Achieve Pathway and don’t need to attend on-site classroom supports. Students will be required to attend one 30-minute appointment each week. All ninth grade students will be enrolled in the Success 101 class and will need to attend this elective course on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (please select a day that works best for you and arrange this class time with your lead teacher).



Students who are below a 70% passing rate on average in classes or who have less than 95% attendance, will be required to attend one 30 minute appointment each week and on-site classroom support as follows:

65% or below = one 4 hour class per week

60% or below = two 4 hour classes per week

55% or below = three 4 hour classes per week

40% or below in any of the scheduled courses may result in a drop from the online program



Learning Labs and Art Studios:


Monday (lv)

Tuesday (ls)

Wednesday (br)

Thursday (sh)


8:15 - 10:15

ELA MyPath

Success 101

Success 101

K-5 Pathblazer


10:15 - 12:15

Math MyPath

ELA  MyPath

Math MyPath

6-8 MyPath

3:30 - 4:30 HS Art* HS Art* MS Art MS Art Elem. Art
  *starts 9/5 *starts 9/5      


*Art Studios are required for High School students taking Appreciation of Fine Arts for credit. 


Attendance:Students are required to log  into their online curriculum  for instructional minutes totalling to a minimum 4 hours per school day. Attendance is monitored by the teacher through session logs. Students not meeting the attendance requirements are subject to the district SART and SARB process and students can be struck out of the program and placed back at their comprehensive site if attendance and incomplete work becomes an independent studies contract violation. All state testing and district benchmarks are done on campus and students are required to attend on scheduled dates.

Additional Parent/Student Supports:In addition to the online learning, teachers provide parent instructional workshops utilizing AVID strategies, blended learning opportunities, tutorials, FAFSA application days, and field trips for student engagement. These experiences allow students to engage directly with teachers and other students keeping the connection between school and home.


Dual Enrollment Opportunities:Students have additional program options including: Work Experience, Career Technical Education, and other elective choices that they can dual-enroll in at Beaumont High School. Students at 21st CLI can also dual-enroll in foreign languages classes, lab sciences and ROTC programs. The CTE courses include: Health Science and Medical Technology, Public Services, Business and Finance, Arts Media and Entertainment, Engineering Occupations, Information Communication Technology and Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation.


Staff:There are four teachers on staff at 21st CLI and all are fully credentialed for the state of California and meet the criteria for teaching independent study. Each staff member is regularly evaluated according to district policy. Each teacher has a caseload of students whom they meet with on a bi-weekly or as needed basis to mentor, assign, and assist with work. All four teachers possess the Crosscultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) certificate. We also have a special education teacher on consult. Our support staff consists of one academic counselor, one mental health counselor, one custodian, one child nutrition services provider, a health and attendance clerk and a secretary 4.

Attention 21st CLI Families: Please complete our Parent / Student / LCAP Surveys

Hello 21ST Century student and parents. Please take a couple of moments to provide feedback on your experience thus far at 21st Century Learning Institute We value your feedback and input tremendously as we continue to strive towards providing you (your students) with the best learning experience possible.


LCAP Graphic

The LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan) guides us and determines our goals for the upcoming years.  Your feedback and input is critical as we evaluate our current LCAP and develop the new year's LCAP.  


To better understand LCAP you can link to these infographics for spending breakdowns:

LCAP English Page 1, Page 2

LCAP Spanish Page 1, Page 2


LCAP Survey


Survey Graphic


21st CLI Feedback Surveys






Open Enrollment for 2017-18

21st Century Learning Institute is accepting enrollments for the following:

  • K-8 Distance Learning Options
  • 9-12 Online High School

If you are interested in enrolling your child in 21st Century Learning Institute please go to the Enrollment Office in the Educational Support Facility for the Beaumont Unified School District located at 350 Brookside Ave.



*For more information please call 21st CLI @ 951.769.8424

21st Century Learning Institute

21st Century Learning Institute is a new school in the Beaumont Unified School District.  The school provides distance learning options that offer flexibility and choice for parents and students.  The following options are for you:

  • K-8 Home School 
    • Teach at home
    • District Resources
    • Regular on-site classes
    • Instructional Guidance
  • 9-12 Online School
    • A-G approval in progress
    • College Prep
    • Academic Counseling
    • Work Experience

21st Century Learning Institute Back to School Brunch 2017-18

Thursday August 3, 2017 from 9:00AM - 10:30


Hello 21st Century Students and Parents:


We are so excited about this upcoming school year and would like to have you join us for our Back to School Brunch where we will be serving our families coffee, pastries, and juice. We are looking forward to visiting with each and every one of you as we share out our exciting program and all that 21st Century Learning Institute has to offer your students. During this time, families will also get to meet our awesome 21st Century Learning Institute staff who are the driving force behind our school that is the home of the Cyclones: a versatile, all encompassing, non-conventional approach to learning. We look so forward to meeting with you during this fun and informative event.



Senior Survey Class of 2017